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How did disability do in the UK’s ‘bonfire of quangos’?

Yesterday, the UK government announced the details of, what has been termed, a ‘bonfire of quangos’ in a move to improve accountability and, crucially, to cut costs. It will axe 192 of public bodies while merging another 118.  ‘Quangos’ is a term for “quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations” which are funded by, but operate at arm’s-length from, government.  In terms of disability-related bodies, the status of the following quangos is as follows…

Equality and Human Rights Commission – to be retained (but with a focus on core functions and ‘better use of taxpayers money’)

Equality 2025 – will be retained and will advise on areas covered by other relevant bodies that cease to exist.

Disability Employment Advisory Committee – abolished (transfer function to Equality 2025)

Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board – abolished (transfer of functions to Department for Work and Pensions and Equality 2025)

Disabled Passengers Transport Advisory Committee – abolished (Department for Transport will consider other ways to consult disabled passengers)

General Social Care Council – abolished

Independent Living Fund – still under consideration (‘options being considered’)