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‘Critical Autism’ Seminar Day is announced

A free seminar day co-hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Disability Research Forum will be held on Tuesday, 18th January 2011 (9.45am-4.30pm).

This day brings together an international group of researchers and calls for papers that will address diverse issues including:

  • deconstructing pathologies and ‘abnormalities’
  • concepts of fear and fascination
  • exploring neurodiversity
  • autism as/and celebrity
  • ‘autism industries’ and the commodification of impairment

The confirmed keynote speaker is  Anne McGuire (Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Canada).  Anne’s doctoral research analyses the social significance and productive effects of cultural representations of autism produced and circulated by individuals and collectives engaged in autism advocacy in the contemporary West.

  • Deadline for paper abstracts: 1st December 2010
  • Deadline for attendance: 6th January 2011                                                                                          

To submit abstracts, please contact:

More details can be found in our Events section.