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DRF – 5 ways to get more involved

The DRF blog is now just over a month old and is proving a great way to disseminate the details of DRF seminars and related events as well providing a much needed virtual network of disability researchers. 

Being part of an established network of scholars can often help with research funding bids as well as job applications but, far more importantly, it is the coming together of interested and engaged people from all over the world which makes the DRF something special.

 It is in such a spirit that I share with you 5 ways to get more involved:

  1. click on the Sign me up! button to the right. You will receive email alerts of new postings, which will include reminders of upcoming events and the details of Call for Papers as new conferences are announced. 
  2. offer to present your work at an upcoming DRF seminar in Sheffield – currently, there are slots available in December and February (see our Events section for more details) but we will respond to demand if more people would like space to disseminate/discuss their work. 
  3. submit brief biographical and contact details to be listed in the People section**
  4. update us on your recent published work to be listed in the Publications section**
  5. add comments or suggestions by using the ‘Leave a Comment’ function – for instance, respond to the post or share relevant journal articles 

** Please send to Rebecca Mallett (r.mallett@shu.ac.uk

 With our daily hit rate on the increase, the DRF web space is the place to be!

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