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2011 Pacific Rim Conference on Disability: “Humanity: Advancing Inclusion, Equality and Diversity” Call for Papers

The 2011 Pacific Rim Conference on Disability: “Humanity: Advancing Inclusion, Equality and Diversity” to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii (18th-19th April 2011) is now calling for papers.  More informaiotn on the conference can be found here.  This post is specifically about the Disability Studies Strand: Culture, Policy and Global Change.

Disability Studies approaches disability as a social and cultural phenomena in which localized and global interpretations include socio-cultural, historical, political and rights-based perspectives.  The Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities topic area, Disability Studies: Culture, Policy and Global Change, seeks to imagine and convey where Disability Studies is at present, how it is evolving, and what it entails for the immediate and more distant future.

They welcome proposals in any area of Disability Studies, including:

  • Current developments and national and global approaches to Disability Studies programs;
  • Historical and contemporary perspectives about Disability Studies;
  • Retrospectives and future directions in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act;
  • Present and future impacts of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Disability Studies
  • The role of the Internet and technology, including social networking, distance learning, Universal Design and online research tools, on Disability Studies research and dissemination
  • The intersections, including integration and collaboration, between Disability Studies and other disciplines
  • The ways in which Disability Culture has informed Disability Studies

Please see presentation formats on the Web site:

You may submit proposals online at: or send your proposals via email to

For more information about this topic area, contact the Disability Studies Co-Chairs: