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Course seeks to empower disabled leaders (UK)

In 2009, 425,063 students enrolled in higher and further education colleges in the UK. 5.8% of these students were disabled.  Many disabled students realise their full potential, enjoy their education experience and pursue careers and leadership roles in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. For some, the barriers are too great.

Part of this is the current lack of representation on boards and within senior management teams where the voice of disabled people is silent – because they are simply not represented or given the chance to lead.

Common Purpose’s campaign and leadership development course for young disabled leaders aims to change this.

The course: Starting in 2010, Common Purpose will help 240 higher and further education students in the UK develop the skills and knowledge to pursue leadership roles throughout their studies and beyond. Common Purpose will run a three-day leadership development course in the winter and summer of each year. Forty disabled university students will participate in each three-day course.

Common Purpose will also develop an online resource of information and inspiration for disabled students throughout the United Kingdom and around the world.

Common Purpose will also run an annual one-day workshop for students graduating from higher and further education to help them identify and actively pursue potential leadership roles.

For more information please visit the Common Purpose website.

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