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Programme for ‘Critical Autism Seminar Day’ (18th Jan 2011)

The programme for the Critical Autism Seminar Day is outlined below.  Further details (including abstracts) will be sent directly to participants shortly. 

We have only a couple of spare places for the day, so if you are no longer able to attend please email us to free up your place for another delegate.  If you have not signed up but would like to attend the seminar day and/or the book launch please email and, if necessary, you will be added to a waiting list. 

Contact for this event: Katherine Runswick-Cole:

Programme for the Day:


  • Welcome: Alison Tyldesley (Head of Department for Education, Childhood and Inclusion) Sheffield Hallam University
  • Introduction: Nick Hodge, Sheffield Hallam University


  • “Wild men”, introverts and idols: Negotiating the autism spectrum diagnosis of celebrities in popular music ~ Mitzi Walz, University of Birmingham
  • Social dis-order: Autistic experiences of/in radical political activism ~ Steve Graby, Disabled People’s Direct Action Network and Autism Rights Movement UK and Anat Greenstein, Manchester Metropolitan University

 11.00-11.30: Break – Refreshments will be available for purchase


  •  ‘I’ve got Asperger’s because I read it on the Internet’: An analysis on how labels are formed and placed on young men and how this can be tackled ~ Michael Richards, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Who am I meant to be?  In search of a psychological account of autism, from the viewpoint of an ‘insider’ ~ Damian Milton, University of Birmingham
  • Buying (into) Autism: The Commodification of ‘Disability’ in the Academy ~ Rebecca Mallett, Sheffield Hallam University and Katherine Runswick-Cole, Manchester Metropolitan University

 1.00-2.15: Lunch and Posters – Lunch will be available for purchase


  •  Keynote speaker: “We have your son…”:  Frames of Terror in Advocacy’s War on Autism: Anne McGuire, University of Toronto


  •  Uneasy Belonging: Autism and Immigration Practice in Canada ~ Patty Douglas,University of Toronto

3.30-4.00: Break – Refreshments will be available for purchase


  • Autism: A poststructuralist analysis ~ Dan Goodley, Manchester Metropolitan University

 4.30-6.00: The launch of Dan Goodley’s new book: Disability Studies: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

We envisage Critical Autism as a space which not only challenges ‘deficit’ understandings of autism but also challenges the category itself.  In this respect, we position the emerging field of Critical Autism Studies as having its antecedents in the more critical corners of Disability Studies.  This means not only examining how autism challenges the ways in which we think about employability, family, friendship, love, etc but also how Critical Disability Studies challenges how we think about autism.  The papers we have gathered for this day all – to varying degrees – explore these challenges. We are very much looking forward to some interesting presentations and some stimulating discussions.

[Please note: We would also like to apologise for a mistake in the advertisement of the conference which on Sheffield Hallam University’s Autism Centre website, which described it as an Autism Awareness Conference.  This is NOT the case.  We hope the programme gives you a clear idea of the focus of the day – if you no longer wish to attend, please let us know.]

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  1. I would like to partcipate in the upcoming events on special needs and disabilities.


    Inspector of schools in charge Special Needs Education
    Kampala City Council – Uganda

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