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Reminder of the next DRF seminar and more…

Just a little reminder that the next DRF seminar will be held on Tuesday 15th February 2011 (1pm-3pm) in Room 10111 (First Floor) Arundel Building, Charles Street, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University, S1 1WB.


  • “How to approach group work among men labelled with ‘learning difficulties’: Should the ultimate goal be participative to improve health instead of being emancipative?” ~ Michael Richards (Department of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

In this paper, I will explore the best approaches that should be taken with groups of men, particularly the positive effects of using a participative approach. This does not mean rejecting the goal of providing the space for men to be ‘emancipated’, which should still be the ultimate goal, but by being participative, men can still be in control, make decisions and improve their health’. 

  •  “A Review of ‘Designing our Own Asylums’: A Research Project” ~ Mike Walker (Department of Social Science, University of Hull, UK)

This will be an overview of research based upon an ‘observant participant’ method. The fieldwork took place within both secure residential care and a family in which the researcher lived as a full member. The paper will explore how the researcher’s position as someone with complex needs but also academically trained allowed access to areas normally unreachable to researchers. 

An array of *FREE!*events have also been added to the ‘Other Events‘ page including:

  • Centre for Culture & Disability Studies (CCDS) Research Forum (23rd February 2011)
  • Debates in Disability Studies Symposium II: Parenting Disabled Children (16th March 2011)
  • Critical Disability Studies Conference: Child, Family and Disability (5th April 2011)
  • Does Every Child Matter, Post-Blair’: The Interconnections of Disabled Childhoods’ – End of Project Conference (6th April 2011)

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