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Details of ESRC Seminar Series (2011-2013) on Ageing and Disability

ESRC Seminar Series 2011-2013

Title: ‘Opportunities, Challenges & Tensions: Linking the Ageing and Disability Rights Agendas’

Hosted by: School of Health and Medicine, University of Lancaster, UK

Outline: For much of the 20th century ‘old people’ and ‘disabled people’ were dealt with as distinct and separate groups of ‘dependent people’ by UK Government departments and welfare agencies.  Signs of change are now plentiful in today’s demographic, socio-economic and political climate.  Current thinking about the overlapping interests between older and disabled people has drawn attention to common needs for dignified supported living arrangements as well as human rights that transcend age boundaries. These overlaps will expand as groups within the disabled community (with physical, sensory and intellectual impairment) survive into their 60s and beyond on the one hand; and as increasing proportions of healthy adults become chronically ill as ‘deep old age’ approaches on the other.

Facilitated by some of the key thinkers, policy-makers and activists in this field, this seminar series aims to open up opportunities for original and innovative debate on key issues for policy and practice in the UK that will have wider resonance for the developed world. It will explore the opportunities, challenges and tensions involved in the formation of closer links between the ageing anti-discrimination and disability rights agendas. In doing so, the series provides space for dialogue and interdisciplinary debate designed to enhance more critical & innovative thinking on disability and ageing research; paying particular attention to other dimensions of social ‘difference’.

This ESRC seminar series seeks to address some of the real issues and concerns of people ‘on the ground’.

Seminar Programme:

  • Seminar 1: May 12th 2011 ~ Ageing and the Disability Rights Agenda: the Policy and Politics of it all
  • Seminar 2: September 29th 2011 ~ Ageing and disability:writing in’ gender and sexuality
  • Seminar 3: January 26th 2012 ~ Inequalities in ageing and disability
  • Seminar 4: May 31st 2012 ~ Ageing in Place and Supported Living for ageing and disabled people
  • Seminar 5: September 27th 2012 ~ Research with older and disabled people
  • Seminar 6: January 29th 2013 ~ Addressing ageism, impairment and disablism


For further information (including Registration and Contact Details) please click here.

1 thought on “Details of ESRC Seminar Series (2011-2013) on Ageing and Disability”

  1. This was a fantastic seminar which not only made everyone think but also provided several opportunities to have some useful discussion. The group comprised people from a variety of backgrounds rather than solely academics so alternative perspectives were both presented and considered. These included those of service providers, practitioners, employees of older or disabled people’s organisations, disabled people and older people. The discussions covered a lot of ground we all knew at least a little about but bringing it all together by looking at ‘bottom line’ questions about needs, rights and policy helped all of us to see both challenges and opportunities in ‘pooling’ our knowledge.

    An excellent first seminar in the series and I shall certainly try and get to the others.

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