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Final Few Places Available for… Interdisciplinary Disability Research Conference (July 2011)

Event: Postgraduate Disability Research: A Critical Space to Engage ~ An Interdisciplinary Disability Research conference

Date: Wednesday 13th July 2011

Venue: University of Warwick, UK

This one day conference is sponsored by the British Sociological Association as part of a series of events for postgraduate students. Internationally renowned academics Professor Dan Goodley, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Professor Carol Thomas, Lancaster University, have been confirmed as keynote speakers.

Why a postgraduate critical disability studies conference?

In concluding his ground-breaking work mapping the terrain for critical disability studies, Goodley (2011 p.157) asserts: ‘while critical disability studies might start with disability, they never end with it’. Whilst the journey might be less linear than is suggested, along the way ‘intersections’ are encountered and engineered which ‘connect disability studies with other important agendas of class, feminist, queer and postcolonial studies’ (p.157). The literature and debates surrounding disability are expanding and diversifying, and yet these flows are happening against economic, social and policy backdrops which serve to further challenge the potentials for change.  There is then, ever more, a need to open up spaces for transdisciplinary debate about the position and future(s) of critical disability studies.  Postgraduate students addressing and engaging with these issues and debates are at the vanguard of this work.

Critical disability studies is an emerging subfield within the UK, but collective and collaborative spaces within which to explore and interrogate its options are infrequently opened up.  This conference brings together postgraduate students and disability activists from many parts of the UK and beyond to explore some of the key questions which connect to the embrace of a critical perspective to disability research.  In particular, what kinds of critical disability researchers might we ‘be’ and how should critical disability studies research be ‘done’? 

How can I get involved?

The event will also see the launch of a postgraduate disability research network, Critical Disability Space, which will provide a critical space for postgraduates on a longer term basis.

Please see our new website for more details including a draft programme of the event.

If you are interested in attending please contact the conference organisers, Kirsty Liddiard and Simon Blake at before the end of Wednesday 6th July 2011.  Spaces are now extremely limited so please contact as as soon as possible.

Cost: Please note that the event is free to attend for British Sociological Association members (membership costs £35.00 for one year and gets you free access to many other events) and £25.00 for non-members.

Click here for more information or contact the organisers: Kirsty Liddiard (University of Warwick) and Simon Blake (University of Nottingham)

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