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Interested in presenting your work at a DRF Seminar? Here’s Your Chance…

Shortly, we will be drawing up the schedule for the DRF Seminar Programme 2011-2012

The seminars are informal and held once a month at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, UK.  They usually consist of two paper presentations from active disability researchers focusing on ‘work in progress’ but can also include roundtable discussions on a topic of interest or a recent publication. The success of the DRF has been the wide variety of papers, presenters and topics we have covered so no area is out-of-bounds – we are open to all suggestions.

If you, or anybody you know, would like to be present your work or facilitate a discussion please contact Rebecca Mallett on r.mallett@shu.ac.uk.  (Although this offer is open all year round, if you know you would like to present during the forthcoming year, we ask that you make contact before Mon. 12th September 2011 so that the planning process can begin!)

For more information on DRF Seminars – click here.  For an overview of past papers/presenters – click here.



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