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Critical Disability Studies *FREE* Conference *Theorizing Normalcy and the Mundane* 2011 – An Update

The Critical Disability Studies *FREE* Conference *Theorizing Normalcy and the Mundane* 2011 is fast approaching so we thought we’d give you a little reminder and update…

Dates and Venue: Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September 2011 held at Manchester Metropolitan University.

A FREE! conference co-hosted by the Research Institute of Health and Social Change at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), University of Chester, University of Iceland, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto and Sheffield Hallam University.

This two day conference builds upon the first, and hugely successfully, ‘Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane’ conference held in May 2010.  It brings together an international group of researchers and will address diverse issues including:

  • exploring the cultural and political production of normalcy
  • addressing our obsession with reason and rationality
  • connecting ableism with other hegemonies including heterosexism, racism and ageism
  • analysing the barriers and possibilities of the mundane and extraordinary
  • deconstructing new pathologies and ‘abnormalities’

Confirmed keynote speakers include Anat Greenstein (MMU, UK), Rebecca Mallett (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) and Fiona Kumari Campbell (Griffith University, Australia).

This year the conference is running alongside the Asylum 2011 Conference. The Asylum 2011 conference sessions have been incorporated into one overall programme and have been tagged accordingly. The abstracts are all together in the Normalcy conference abstracts booklet available here.  In the spirit of an eco-friendly conference, delegates are asked to print the details they require – there will not be hard copies of the programme/abstract available on the day.

Our aim is for this conference to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome activists, undergraduate and postgraduate students, practitioners and academics to join us. Deadline for attendance: 22nd August 2011

Both conferences have been extremely popular so if you are down to give a paper and/or to attend but now you cannot come, please let the organisers know soon as possible. 

As the conference is FREE!, lunch and refreshments will be available for purchase at the University, if you wish.  Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements so we can make the restaurant aware of delegate requirements.

Contact Details: For the sake of ease, we are keeping the original email so please email abstracts and attendance to: normalcy2010@hotmail.com


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