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Event: Accessible Tourism for All (November 25th-28th 2011) at Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

The Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled in Malaysia has been organizing various awareness campaigns since 2000. Topics raised include employment, education, transportation  and built-environment. The objectives are to enable disabled people to live independently in the community and to advocate for the removal of architectural and transportation barriers that prevent them from being full participants in society.

This year, in conjunction with the International Day of Disabled Persons, together with DPI Asia Pacific, JICA Malaysia, MCR, MPDA, POCAM, MAB, MASIA, POCCM, MFD and other disability-related organisations, they are running an event to promote Accessible Tourism for All (November 25-28 at Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia).  Through promoting accessible tourism, they wish to change the public’s perception from thinking of the provision of disabled-friendly facilities as “extra cost” to “future investment”.

This international event will enable better understandings of the latest improvement and best practices and provide fresh insight into the future development of tourism systems. It is a first of its kind of event organized in Malaysia. They hope that it will achieve due recognition and also encourage policies and actions to promote Accessible Tourism for all.

The event has 4 main parts (more details here):

1. Conference: The main highlight here are a keynote and the three plenary sessions. Each session focuses on the importance of accessibility that would help promote national and regional economic development, besides drawing attention to the PWD challenges that the country is currently facing as well as suggesting the potential of the power of accessibility in promoting accessible tourism in our country.

2. Exhibition: During the course of the event, there will be an on-going exhibition featuring the disabled community in Malaysia, the activities held in conjunction with many other disability organizations in local places of interest, exhibition of arts and craft and various hand-made products created by the disabled and also other PWDs-related issues.

3. Convoy: A convoy around the city centre will create extensive awareness to the public. By moving around the city, with the aid of volunteers, they seek to explore places of interest, highlighting areas that could further improve to make the city a more disabled-friendly place for Accessible Tourism. The wish is to make Malaysia a disabled-friendly country. It is not only beneficial to local and foreign PWDs but will also provide easy accessibility for the elderly to travel around. This will further promote the country as a more favourable holiday destination.  

4. City Tour: Last but not least, an exciting City Tour will be exclusively organized for foreign delegates. Touring the city of Kuala Lumpur can be very exciting. The tour will take participants to explore the fascinating sights in and around the city. Enjoyable visits to cultural places and iconic structures will leave the participants enriched with an experience of Kuala Lumpur.

More information about the event (inc. registration fees) please visit the website at: www.beautifulgate.org.my/pro-icat


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