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CFCP – Working Bodies: Chronic Illness in the Canadian Workplace

This is a Call for Chapter Proposals that will examine and/or problematize lived experiences of negotiating Canadian work environments while simultaneously negotiating the consequences of living with chronic illness. This edited collection will focus on highlighting commonalities and differences across diverse experiences; issues/questions that could potentially be addressed include:

  • What role is played by the social, physical, and/or bureaucratic environments both inside and outside the workplace for chronically ill workers?
  • Accommodations – how available are they; how useful are they; what local attitudes shape the experience of getting needs accommodated?
  • Disclosure – how and when are decisions made to disclose chronic illness? How does symptom fluctuation affect disclosure?
  • (In)visibility – how does the visibility or lack of visibility of chronic illness affect the workplace experience? What about fluctuating symptoms?
  • Working bodies – to what extent is the chronically ill body understood as productive/able to contribute towards the well-being of the workplace environment? How is this understanding mediated by fluctuating symptoms or visibility?
  • Intersections – how does chronic illness intersect with other axes of difference (e.g., gender, culture, employment background, etc.) to shape the workplace experience?
  • The changing nature of the workplace/workspace for chronically ill workers – what happens when people work at home?
  • Work-life balance – how does chronic illness affect this relationship?
  • Leaving work because of chronic illness – how or why is the decision made to leave paid work?
  • Experiences during training – as people with chronic illness go through the educational system or are retrained after onset, did perceptions about the meaning of chronic illness influence the extent to which others were willing to make options available?
  • Maintaining presence – what role does chronic illness play when it comes to worker recruitment and/or retention?

The book collection will be edited by Sharon-Dale Stone (Sociology, Lakehead University), Valorie Crooks (Geography, Simon Fraser University) and Michelle Owen (Sociology and Disability Studies, University of Winnipeg). Canadian University Press is the anticipated publisher.

Abstracts of 250 words, along with a 50 word biographical statement for each author and full contact details for the submitting author, are due Friday, October 14, 2011 and we anticipate that completed papers will be due in June 2012.

Please email queries and abstracts to: Sharon-Dale Stone (Department of Sociology, Lakehead University, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1); Email: sdstone@lakeheadu.ca; Tel: 807-343-8530.

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