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CFP: Symposium *On researching inclusion through inclusive research* (11th Nov 2011, MMU)

Critical Disability Studies Symposium *On researching inclusion through inclusive research*

FREE! symposium hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University

Date: 11th November 2011 ~ 10am-12pm

Venue: New Lecture Theatre, Elizabeth Gaskell Campus, Manchester Metropolitan University.

This symposium would like to bring together people interested and involved in research and practice concerning disability, education, co-research, self-advocacy and inclusion.

People who are interested can submit papers on following topics:

*      Exploring co-researching and what is inclusive research?
*      Exploring accessible literature, conferencing, and how academia shares its findings?
*      Exploring how we can bridge practice and research?
*      Exploring accessibility of higher education for people with learning difficulties?
*      Exploring how self-advocacy can tie in with research and research with self-advocacy?

Keynote will be facilitated by Toon Maillard (Guest scholar and researcher at the Critical Disability Studies Unit at MMU from Ghent University, Belgium)

Deadline for paper abstracts: 17th October 2011.

Submit abstracts via email to Toon Maillard: toon.maillard@ugent.be or Dan Goodleyd.goodley@mmu.ac.uk

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