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Journal of Developmental Disability: Call for Media Review Submissions

In 2008, the Journal of Developmental Disability (JODD) dedicated a media column to critically examine representations of developmental disability.  The column includes reviews of both ‘old’ and ‘new’ media, encompassing submissions addressing Internet, online websites, virtual forums, computer applications,  computer games and gaming sites, Youtube sites,  independent and popular film and television programs, and print media. Through this column, we seek to redress the absence of analyses attending to people labeled with developmental disabilities and to interrogate current and emerging representations.

We welcome submissions that take up media and developmental disability in three distinct ways: 

1. Specific work review: We accept reviews of specific media portrayals of developmental disability, including books, artwork, television programs, films, games, websites, Youtube videos and other specific examples of media content.

2. Media trends: We are interested in identifying and documenting emerging discourses in developmental disability in the media. This may include a sharp rise in public discussions of developmental disability as evidenced, for example, through a spate of films, news reports, books, promotional campaigns and so forth addressing either a general or specific issue pertaining to developmental disabilities or people who are so labeled.  Contributors are invited to trace and comment upon these trends and the significance they may have both for people labeled with developmental disabilities and the way developmental disability, normalcy, reason and personhood are conceptualized.

3. Emergence of new media forms: Media has dramatically shifted its form and reach with successive technological advances. The emergence of new media technologies has broadened the opportunities for knowledge production, reproduction, dissemination and consumption. Contributors are invited to consider the symbolic and material implications of these innovations for people with developmental disabilities.

Contributors are encouraged to address the following questions in their submissions:

  • How does the reviewed subject create new framings and understandings of developmental disability?
  • How does the reviewed subject include or influence the voices of people with developmental disability?
  • How does the reviewed subject create opportunities for addressing the intersections of disability with race, class, age, gender and sexual orientation?

Who may submit a review?

We welcome contributions from those whose lives and work intersect with developmental disabilities in diverse ways. We encourage contributions not only from academics at any stage, but also from people labeled as having developmental disabilities, their family members, friends and practitioners. Collaborative reviews between academic and community partners, family members, community groups, self advocates and other forms of team contributions are very welcome.

Submissions should be between 2000 to 3000 words, word-processed, double-spaced, using APA citation format. Please see www.oadd.org (follow the links to JODD) for more details about the formatting requirements. 

For more information please contact Esther Ignagni at eignagni@ryerson.ca or Ann Fudge Schormans at fschorm@mcmaster.ca

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