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CCDS Event: Evolution and Human Uniqueness (Feb 2012, UK)

Event: Centre for Culture & Disability Studies (CCDS) Research Forum 

Date: 1st February 2012: 2.15pm-3.45pm ~ Venue: Eden, 109, Liverpool Hope University, UK. 

Brief Description:

Evolution and Human Uniqueness 

~ David Doat (Catholic University of Lille, France & CCDS Visiting Scholar, UK)

David Doat works at the intersection of the philosophy of nature and ethical thought. He wonders what makes us human(e) and hypothesises that the most “vulnerable” among our human community have nonetheless played, and continue to play, an important role in our historical collective and personal discovering of humanity. The seminar will consider empirical data that demonstrates that some prehistoric communities of Neanderthals organized their lives so that disabled persons were not marginalised but accepted as central figures. Why was there not abandonment in accordance with the harsh law of evolution? Does the scepticism of scientists on this subject evidence how difficult it is for them to face the apparent contradiction of straightforward Darwinian Theory? To consider these and other such questions, join us at the next CCDS Research Forum.

For further information from the organisers, please contact: Dr. David Bolt: boltd@hope.ac.uk

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