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Reminder: Next DRF Seminar ~ 3rd May 2012 (Sheffield, UK)

DRF Seminar Series: Seminar #7

Date/Time: 3rd May 2012 (Thurs) 2pm-4pm

Venue: Room 10111 in the Arundel Building, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University (More information on the venue can be found here.)

  • Slot 13: Steven Graby (Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds): Autism and/as “disabled” identity 

Abstract: TBC

  • Slot 14: Louis Nisiotis (Sheffield Hallam University): A Cyber Campus to Support Inclusive Education

Abstract: This study aims to review and explore the use of cyber campuses as a potential learning tool to support people who cannot regularly attend the University. Students whom due to various reasons have to be away from the University are missing important learning experiences and this research investigates the concept of cyber campuses as a support tool to overcome some of the barriers that restrict or exclude them from education. 

A virtual inclusive learning environment capable to support and enhance students learning experience has been developed. This presentation shall discuss the research method, the motivation behind this research and the expected contributions in knowledge. Also the work that has been done, the work that is intended to be carried out and the research challenges that are emerging during this investigation shall be presented.

***Coming Soon*** We will be shortly announcing dates for 2012-13 so watch this space if you would like to present a paper in an upcoming seminar. 


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