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CFP: Ethnographica Journal on Culture and Disability (EJCD)

Ethnographica Journal on Culture and Disability has announced its second call for articles. The deadline for submission for the second issue is 30th August 2012. Articles can also be sent later for following issues.

They are inviting articles from different areas of disability studies informed by culture, though they especially welcome papers which take an ethnographic approach. This means research that is especially from a qualitative nature and by which culture is described and data collection is based on methods such as participant observation and interviews.

There are many possible topics, the following being just a small sample of suggestions:

  • aging intersecting with gender and ethnicity
  • public policies in developing and developed countries
  • disability as a consequence of work environment
  • (bio) technology, transborder and transhuman aspects of disability

Manuscripts submitted to “Ethnographica Journal on Culture and Disability” should not be under simultaneous consideration by any other journal, nor should they have been published elsewhere. The review process takes an average of 3 months.

More information in the journal, such as its aims, scope and submission information can be found here: http://soc.kuleuven.be/ejcd.

The first issue of EJCD can also be found there and includes an article entitled Disrupting ‘Disability’ and ‘Doing’ it Differently: Professional Talk and Children’s Lives by China Mills (soon to be a keynote at the forthcoming Normalcy and the Mundance Conference in Chester, UK).

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