Book launch: Autism: A Social and Medical History by Mitzi Waltz (Sheffield Hallam University)

Autism: A Social and Medical History contextualizes autism as a socio cultural phenomenon, and examines the often troubling effects of representations and social trends. Exploring the individuals and events in the history of this condition, Waltz blends research and personal perspectives to examine social narratives of normalcy, disability and difference.

Autism has often been seen as separate from other forms of impairment and negative attitudes towards people with autism and, in the past, their parents, have been prevalent. This book explores key research in the field as well as insight from parents and people with autism, the latter of whom have often had no voice in what is written about the history of autism.

This book will appeal to researchers and students in the fields of medical sociology, disability studies, and medical history as well as increasing public debates on autism.

Dr Mitzi Waltz will give a lecture on the topic: “The history of autism, and what we can learn from it”

Location: Owen 942, Howard St, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 1WB. For a map of City Campus click here.

Date: Tuesday 16th April

Time: 6.00pm-9.00pm

Open to all, no charge. If attending please email s.waller@shu.ac.uk



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