Newly published conference report from last year’s Theorsing Normlacy to get you in the mood for

Anticipation is building and abstracts are coming in for Theorizing Normalcy and the Mundane 4th International Conference. All abstracts should be submitted by 22nd April, all details here.

To wet your appetite, here’s a taster from Cassie Ogden’s newly published review of last year’s conference:

“The philosophy of the conference was summed up beautifully this year by Dan Goodley: “If you think achieving ‘normality’ is either desirable or possible, then perhaps you are in the wrong place.”

“Disrupting notions of what should be and what is remained a theme throughout a myriad of papers over the course of the conference, through a variety of different contexts including politics, bodies, disability, sexuality, and culture.”

“Normalcy 2012 drew to a close, with the idea that disability is already “queer” as it troubles people’s perceptions of self and independence, which is necessary to allow an adequate challenge to neo-liberal ideas of autonomy. After two days of “cripping” the norm, the realization of the possibilities for human becomings were evident. We had sat, theorized, and turned normalcy inside out and back to front. The notion of “cripping” was no longer deemed contentious, no more or less shocking, but an example of anomalous existence that holds transformative possibilities that may benefit us all.”

Click here to read more.

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