Seminar: Disciplinary Dialogues In Disability Studies, 15th May, University of Sheffield

15th May 2013, 1pm – 3pm

Room G18, Ground Floor, Elmfield Building, Northumberland Road, Sheffield, S10 2TUbuilding number 31, top left of the campus map which you will find herehttp://www.shef.ac.uk/visitors/mapsandtravel/university

This informal get together will encourage thinking around the study of disability and its relation to a number of disciplinary preoccupations and dilemmas. Short presentations will add to general debate and discussion. The emphasis will be on debate and chat – tea and cake will be provided!

Kathy Boxall – Doing disability studies in social work: personal, political or academic?
Harriet Cameron – Disability (probably dyslexia), critical realism and psychology
Esme Cleall – Disability and history
Dan Goodley – Psychology and disability studies: friend or foe?
Tabby Collingbourne – Law/politics and disability studies


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