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News: Gender and Dis/ability conference gets press coverage #gendisability

The fabulous Frances Ryan, who writes for The Guardian and The New Statesman, attended the Gender and Dis/ability Conference, co-hosted by the DRF the Gender Research Network at the University of Sheffield earlier this month. Read Frances’ latest New Statesman blog here, which is about feminist and disability movements, and gives a shout out to Gender and Dis/ability. Here’s a snippet to tempt you in:

“Feminist and disability rights are born from a similar cloth. They are battles to acknowledge that oppression doesn’t come from a biological reality but a socially constructed inequality. They are concerned with idealised human bodies. They fight the structures and power that wish to control them; in sex, in work, in reproduction.”

Don’t forget you get listen to the Podcasted panel on Fashion, Desirability and Norms on the DRF’s new SoundCloud page here (we’re going to try podcast more of our events, so watch this space and/or sign up to follow us on SoundCloud).

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