Seminar: What (not) to do: Young people, gender and sexuality, 3rd March, Sheffield Hallam University

 What (not) to do: Young people, gender and sexuality Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University: Sexgen seminar

 1.30 – 4.45pm, Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Room 7331, Stoddart building, Sheffield Hallam University City Campus

Portrayals and expectations of young people’s gendered and sexual selves are shrouded in contradiction. Young people are both exposed to ‘sexualised’ images of their peers whilst being scorned for their perceived sexual ‘deviance’. The complexities of young people’s gender and sexual identities also intersect along axes of class, race, disability, geographical location, and so on. This seminar will explore some of the complex entanglements surrounding young people, gender and sexuality, inside and outside of formal education settings. Speakers will draw on the experiences of young people involved in research to discuss how gender, sexuality, sex, sexual knowledge(s) and sexual pleasure function in the lives of young women, men, LGBT and disabled young people (categories which, of course, are not mutually exclusive) to discuss, what (not) to do: young people, gender and sexuality.

Nikki Edwards, University of Leeds

“But pleasure, like how do you gain pleasure?” Young women’s experiences of gaining informal sexual knowledge through a feminist lens

Mark Casey, Newcastle University

A young gay men’s group in Middlesbrough: Past, present and futures 

Eleanor Formby, Sheffield Hallam University

The limitations of an anti-bullying perspective to understanding young LGBT people’s experiences within and beyond school 

Jenny Slater, Sheffield Hallam University and Kirsty Liddiard, University of Sheffield

“Like, pissing yourself is not a particularly attractive quality, let’s be honest”: Learning to contain through youth, adulthood, disability and sexuality

 Michael Keenan, Nottingham Trent University

Experiencing inclusive exclusion: LGBTQ student experiences in English universities

 Julia Hirst, Sheffield Hallam University

‘Putting it about…’ and the ‘unselfish lover’: Who to be? How to act? How to be perceived? Contrasts in findings from a pilot survey on men, masculinities, sex and pleasure

Places are free, but limited. Please register your attendance via Eventbrite: http://whatnottodo.eventbrite.co.uk.

The building is wheelchair accessible, and there is accessible parking available on request. For further enquires, including access enquiries, please contact: e.formby@shu.ac.uk or j.slater@shu.ac.uk.

Sexgen is a collaborative interdisciplinary network bringing together gender and sexuality based research centres around the North of England. We aim to bring academic research, writing and thinking on gender and sexuality into conversation with the ideas, cultural expressions and knowledges of community groups, cultural sites and activist organisations. The series organisers are: Sally Hines, Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Leeds: s.hines@leeds.ac.uk; Surya Monro and Jo Woodiwiss, Centre for Research in Social Sciences, University of Huddersfield: s.monro@hud.ac.uk; j.woodiwiss@hud.ac.uk. The other Universities belonging to the Network are Durham, Hull, Lancaster, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, Sunderland and York. See: http://sexgennorthernnetwork.wordpress.com.

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