Free Seminar: It ain’t what you know, it’s who knows it: User involvement and the secret of knowledge w/ Peter Beresford (@BeresfordPeter)

Date: Wednesday 4th February 2015

Venue: The lecture will take place in room H3, Faculty of Health and Social Care (building 4 on the Map) at Edge Hill University (Directions)

Professor Peter Beresford OBE will deliver I4P’s Annual Lecture on how public policy can be transformed through public, patient and user involvement and engagement, particularly the inclusion of people’s own lived experiences and the collective action that follows from that. At a time when representative democracy in nations like the UK is under greater threat than ever, the lecture will look at the barriers facing such participatory democracy, how these threats may be overcome and why building such involvement offers us perhaps the only route out of the present ideological impasse.

During the afternoon and prior to the public lecture, there will be a free ‘Listening Event’ open to those involved in or interested in public participation in welfare, health and social services and in the changes being introduced through contracting and commissioning.  There will be a number of open workshops which will be of interest to carer groups, voluntary and community sector organisations as well as practitioners and policy makers.

5.30pm Registration and Refreshments
6.00pm Lecture
7.00pm Refreshments and Networking

Registration: Register for this event HERE.

More information: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/i4p/annual-lecture-4th-february-2015/

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