Conference: Morality, Austerity and Welfare State Futures: Young People, Wellbeing and Inequality

I thought this might interest some – not strictly (or only ‘disability’), but relevant to young disabled people none-the-less!

Morality, Austerity and Welfare State Futures: Young People, Wellbeing and Inequality

16 April 2015 : Lyddon Terrace SR 1.06, University of Leeds

Following the Global Financial Crisis children and young people face the prospect of growing up with greater levels of risk and uncertainty brought about by political instability, conflict, climate change and technological and cultural change.  Reflecting some of these concerns, researchers have sought to engage with the ways in which locally produced cultures of childhood and youth are shaped by global forces, highlighting the absence of considerations of childhood and youth from discussions related to the global financial crisis (Morrow, 2011).  This lack of   attention to children and young people is also evident in the health related disciplines where the widely acknowledged view that ‘austerity kills’ (Stuckler and Basu, 2013) is a central tenet of research examining widening health inequalities, decreased investment in health care systems and health promotion, and the impact of precarity and unemployment on mental and emotional health, food   insecurity and the life choices, chances and courses of individuals and communities. This conference draws upon work by Hall, Massey and Rustin (2013) to explore how growing up After Neoliberalism affects young people’s wellbeing. It brings together international researchers from disciplines such as sociology, youth studies, health and education but will be of interest to academics, postgraduates and researchers working in childhood, youth and health.

The conference will be followed by a wine reception and book launch introduced by Peter Kraftl, Professor of Human Geography, University of Leicester

For abstracts and registration please click on the link below.

Morality, austerity and welfare state futures: Young people, wellbeing and inequality. One day conference 16th April

For further details please email Jo Pike,  j.pike@leeds.ac.uk


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