Double Launch Event: Interrogating disability and childhood – 16th June, Manchester

Interrogating disability and childhood

Double launch event 16th of June, 4-6pm.

This event will launch two recent projects that take a critical look at both disability and childhood and explore how they acquire their meaning in relation to local and global contexts.

 Disabled children and disabling childhoods in the global South: reconfiguring discourse and practice – A Special Issue of Disability and the Global South (http://dgsjournal.org/)

Edited by Erica Burman, Anat Greenstein and Manasi Kumar

This special issue contains empirical papers that explore the lives of disabled children in a variety of global contexts such as Brazil, Canada, India, Kenya and Vietnam, as well as conceptual papers that discuss the meanings and creation of disability in the context of globalisation and technology. The different papers in the issue explore how global and local contexts, such as poverty, street connectedness or cultural beliefs shape the meanings of disability and work to disable and enable different childhoods.

We will be joined by several authors of articles in the special issue, the editor of Disability and the Global South, Dr Shaun Grech, and the co-editor of a previous issue on Global Mental Health, Dr China Mills.

Radical Inclusive Education: connecting disability, teaching and activism

Anat Greenstein

The book explores how current educational practices, such as standardised tests and league tables, exclude and fail many disabled students, and naturalise educational inequalities around gender, class, ethnicity and ability. Informed by the social model of disability, the book argues that educational theories and practices that are geared towards social justice and inclusion need to recognise and value the diversity of human embodiments, needs and capacities, and foster pedagogical practices that support relations of interdependency.

The event will take place in room AG3/4, Ellen Wilkinson Building, University of Manchester, Oxford Road M13 9PL

The building is wheelchair accessible.

For further information please contact Erica.burman@manchester.ac.uk or anat.greenstein@manchester.ac.uk

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