Call for Papers & Participants: Feminism & the Politics of Childhood: Friends or foes?

Workshop at UCL Institute of Education, London, UK

16-17th November 2015

See here for more details and full project blog.

This workshop will bring together community- and university-based academics and activists to unpack perceived conflicts between children’s interests and women’s interests (which themselves are heterogeneous) and, more broadly, intersections and antagonisms between various forms of feminism and the politics of childhood.

To promote in-depth discussion and debate, workshop spaces will be limited to a small number of presenters and participants. Working papers of no more than 4000 words will be pre-circulated. At the workshop, each presenter will give a short synopsis which will be followed by discussion.

All participants (including presenters) will be charged a nominal fee of £20.

We are inviting abstracts which address the following, or other relevant, themes:

  • How do we ensure the well-being of children and women, particularly in contexts where their interests may (appear to) be in conflict?
  • How might a conversation between feminism and the politics of childhood reconcile these tensions?
    • Are women’s and children’s interests necessarily opposed or inevitably linked?
    • What are the consequences of denaturalizing motherhood and childhood for women and children?
    • How do we conceptualise women and children’s involvement in creating a gendered and generationed social order?
  • What are the implications of theorising women and children together?
    • Does discussing women and children together reify their relationship?
    • Where do men, the state, and society fit?
    • To what extent does this reinforce compulsory heterosexuality?

To apply to present: Please send titles and abstracts of no more than 250 words by 15th August 2015 (Subject line: PRESENTER Feminism and Childhood). Full papers will be due 26th October 2015.

To apply to participate: If you wish to participate in the workshop as a non-presenter, please send an expression of interest of no more than 250 words outlining relevant academic and/or community-based experience by 30th September 2015 (Subject line: PARTICIPANT Feminism and Childhood).

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