Feminist Research Methodologies: Challenges and Negotiations. Free Postgraduate Research Conference. Sheffield, UK.

Friday, 30 October, 09:30 to 16:45, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

Please note that this event is for current postgraduate students only.

For more information and to register, click here.

Feminist research has a distinct and political aim: to produce knowledge that will improve the situation of women. However, there are particular challenges involved in feminist research which researchers are required to negotiate. What are the implications of our chosen methodologies? What is our position in the research and what is the impact of this? How do we represent our participants?

How we negotiate these challenges, and how we reflect and write about these negotiations is a vital part of feminist research. Yet, the challenges implicit in doing this kind of research are not always adequately discussed or acknowledged by feminist researchers.

Sheffield Institute of Education is hosting a conference for postgraduate students who are undertaking research utilising feminist perspectives to engage in these discussions. We invite students from across disciplines to reflect on these issues and in a developmental and supportive environment.

This conference aims to:

1. Provide an opportunity for postgraduate researchers to share their experiences of doing feminist research
2. Generate discussions around feminist research across subject areas
3. Build a network of postgraduate students doing feminist research

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