Call for participants: Interrogating ableism: exploring the psycho-emotional consequences of neoliberal ableist education

Please see below a call for PhD participants.


My name is Julia and I am a PhD student at the University of Sheffield. I warmly invite you to participate in a new research project to share your experiences of secondary, further and higher education. The title of the project is, ‘Interrogating ableism: exploring the psycho-emotional consequences of neoliberal ableist education’ and I wish to gather personal accounts of how you, as a disabled person, see schooling, college and/or university. This is open to both those who are currently in education, and those recently (10-15 years) out of an educational setting.

You can tell these stories in whichever format is the most comfortable for you. As a disabled person myself, I prefer to take the added ‘thinking time’ of using email to write my story; you may prefer a diary composition, poetry, or spoken methods such as Skype. You may prefer more visual ways of presenting your narrative, such as photography, drawing or video. Stories will also be welcomed from those who use the support of other people to facilitate typing.

However you choose to tell your stories, what I’m looking for is personal reflections on how you felt about your experiences within your educational institution and the unique ways that it shaped you. For example, what do you think are the goals or aims of education? What do the terms ‘ability’ and ‘success’ mean to you? What are the pressures brought about by the focus on achieving ‘academic success’ for individual learners? The purpose of sharing these stories is to open up a space for the exploration of educational policy and practice around the world, and to question the efficacy of current approaches.

If you think you would like to know more about this project and would like to get some more information about it, please get in touch with me at jndaniels1@sheffield.ac.uk. If you wish to raise any concerns or complaints about this research, you can contact my supervisor, Dan Goodley on d.goodley@sheffield.ac.uk.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Yours hopefully,

Julia Daniels

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