Seminar: Cross disciplinary contributions to understanding research and practice dynamics with children: Building the conversation across the human and social sciences

Child Health Research Network: Focusing on the health, education and social needs of children and young people

For further details contact: Jane Mann, Jane.Mann@manchester.ac.uk

Cross disciplinary contributions to understanding research and practice dynamics with children: Building the conversation across the human and social sciences

 Thursday 11th February 2016, 9.15am – 4.00pm

Seminar room G306b, Jean McFarlane Building, Oxford Road, University of Manchester

 9.15-  9.45       Registration and coffee

9.45 – 10.00     Introduction (Erica Burman, UoM)

Session 1:        Participation: theory, method, practice – chair: chair: Sue Kirk (UoM)

10.00-10.20     Karin Lesnik-Oberstein (Reading University) ‘Childhood and Transgender: Bodies, Sexualities’

10.20-10.40     Janet McDonagh (UoM) ‘“Nothing about us without us”. Involving young people in service development and research’

10.40-11.00     Anat Greenstein (MMU) “Creative utopias as a form of critical exploration with young disabled people”

11.00-11.20     Discussion

11.20-11.45     coffee break

Session 2:       Reading and writing records of childhood: Peter Callery (UoM)

11.45-12.05     Johanna Motzkau (Open University) ‘Child Protection as a Listening Project: exploring the experience of hearing and enacting evidence in multi-agency practice’

12.05-12.25     Ana Cardon-Coyne (UoM) ‘A problem of categories?  Children and juveniles as workers, soldiers and heroes during the First World War’

12.20-12.40     Daniela Caselli (UoM) ‘The Children’s Society’s Archive’

12.40-1.00       Discussion

Lunch: 1.05-2pm

Session 3 Part 1: Methodological innovations: chair Erica Burman (UoM)

2.00-2.20:        Gill Craig (City University) “Our normal thing is to eat”: what are women trying to achieve when feeding disabled children and what can we learn from their narratives about constructions of the child?

2.20-2.35         Naz Nizami (PhD researcher, UoM) ‘Analysing the Crown Prosecution Service pre-trial therapy guidance’

2.35-2.55         Discussion

Part 2: Voices, agents and/in history: chair Daniela Caselli (UoM)

3.00-3.15:        Beth Parker (DECP trainee, UoM) ‘Exploring events in educational psychology practice using an ANT lens’)

3.15-3.30         Aaron Moore (UoM) ‘The birth of political consciousness during WWII: education, childhood, and youth in Imperial Japan’)

3.30-4.00         Discussion

4.00                 END

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