Walking and Women in Manchester: Seeking Participants

Walking and Women in Manchester: Seeking Participants
I am a walking artist and PhD student at The University of Sheffield. My current research is exploring walking and women’s feelings, thoughts and experiences of public space in Manchester. I am conducting one-to-one walking interviews in Manchester city centre with women  who live, work and/or study in the city. The pace, direction and subject of the interviews are set by the participants.My definition of walking includes sticks, wheels and any other mobility aids. All self identifying women over 18 are welcome as long as they have a connection to Manchester. 
Interviews are scheduled to take place between 14th April – 10th June. If possible I would like to start in Piccadilly Gardens some time between 12noon-2pm but the time and location can be flexible according to your needs and interests. Interviews last between 45-60 minutes and the direction they take is up to you. There will be group walks using creative methods later in the year. (There is no obligation to take part in the second stage but all participants will be welcome to do so). This research has been approved by the ethics committee at The University of Sheffield. I can reimburse travel costs to the interview location.

For more information or to arrange an interview please email
mltrose1@sheffield.ac.uk or call me on 07974929589 Please feel free to pass this invitation onto anyone you know who may be interested

I hope we can walk and talk together soon, 
Best wishes
Morag Rose
tel 079 749 29589

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