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Event: Building New Research Relationships: Doing Participatory and Collaborative Research

Building New Research Relationships: Doing Participatory and Collaborative Research

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 9:45 am – 4:00 pm

Sheffield Methods Institute, University of Sheffield

Organisers: Ruth Beresford (Department of Sociological Studies);  Dr. Lorna Warren (Department of Sociological Studies)

For more information please contact: Ruth Beresford

Keynote Speaker: Professor Diana Rose, King’s College London

We would like to welcome you to a one-day workshop on co-production and doing participatory and collaborative research. We will start from the premise outlined by activist and academic Mike Oliver that if research is to have emancipatory capacity then the “social relations of research production” must change. The event is designed to contribute to White Rose training for PhD students, especially in Social Policy and Sociology, but we welcome attendance from a broader audience of researchers, research participants and users of research. Over the course of the day we will share our diverse knowledge and expertise on ethics, method and good practice.

The event is free to attend; we have 40 available places. Please register here:

Call for Presentations and Posters

We’d like to see and hear about your experiences of involvement in collaborative research and any reflections you have about ethics, method, theory or practice! You can submit a poster or we have a small amount of time designated for presentations. These should be no longer then 15 minutes and can be delivered through a variety of formats. To submit a poster or present, please contact Ruth Beresford with a short abstract by the 31st of May.

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