New Disability Reading Group Starting at Sheffield Hallam University, UK

A message from Stephanie Hannam-Swain who is starting a Disability Reading Group at Sheffield Hallam University:

Hello all,

This year I am taking the lead in running the Disability Reading Group at Sheffield Hallam University. It is an informal, supportive group session, where we have a look at some current and/or key literature within Disability Studies, and come together to discuss the article. We aim to meet once a month for an hour. Each session I ask a member of the group to choose the article and lead the discussion, although there is no pressure to do so.

This month the session is being held at Charles Street Building, Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 1WB in room 12.2.19 at 1pm Tuesday 11th October.

I have chosen an article which I thought was appropriate with the recent Paralympics in Rio.

Schalk, S.(2016). Reevaluating the Supercrip. Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies. 10(1). pp71-86 DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2016.5

This can be accessed at: http://online.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk.lcproxy.shu.ac.uk/doi/pdf/10.3828/jlcds.2016.5

Please contact me at srhannam@my.shu.ac.uk for further information or if you have any questions about accessibility. If you can’t make this months session but you are interested in future sessions and want to be added to the email list please also drop me a line!

Hope to see you soon,

Stephanie Hannam-Swain


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