Request for Research Participants: Accessibility in the Built Environment

Message posted on behalf of Ceri Hedderwick Turner. If interested, please contact Ceri on the email address provided below – thanks.

“My name is Ceri Hedderwick Turner, I am a third year architecture student currently undertaking my dissertation which examines ways in which accessibility can be more effectively/fundamentally integrated into the architectural design process as well as into the education of architects. I am interested in looking at accessibility as not only the functional access to buildings, but additionally at how the whole sensory experience of a building is perceived and at the emotional response architecture can induce.

As part of my dissertation I will be making a short film exploring how people experience buildings differently. I am looking for volunteers, in particular people with different access issues, to interview on their experience with the built environment and potentially be involved with the making of the short film. If you are interested in sharing your experiences with architecture and accessibility please contact me by email: coh23@cam.ac.uk “

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