Self-Harm Mini Conference, organised by Steph Hannam-Swain, 24 February

Feb 24th 2018, 2-5pm – Sheffield Hallam University.

A mini conference addressing issues surrounding self-harm, organised by Stephanie Hannam-Swain and funded by Sheffield Hallam University’s Equality, Diversity, and Social Justice Research Group.

Self-harm is an important health concern in the UK with numbers seemingly rising, especially in teens. This mini conference is being held for anyone who has an interest in self-harm as we look at various aspects of the behaviour ranging from self-harm in people with intellectual disabilities to harm-reduction techniques of supporting those who engage in it.


Speakers and presentation titles are as follows:

Stephanie Hannam-Swain – Disabled peoples’ conceptualizations and experiences of self-harm

Dr Kay Inckle – Harm-Reduction: Mainstreaming social justice and user-led interventions for people who hurt themselves

Jess Williams – “They aren’t all like that”: perceptions of clinical services, as told by self-harm online communities

Dr Rebecca Fish – Working with men who self-harm on locked wards

Places can be booked on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/self-harm-a-mini-conference-tickets-39414918081

Please contact the organisers if you have any access needs or dietary requirements that you would like us to take into consideration.

Presentation abstracts can be found at the accompanying website: https://srhannam2.wixsite.com/self-harm-mini-conf

Organisers: Stephanie Hannam-Swain – PhD student, Sheffield Hallam University, organiser for the Disability Reading Group and co-organiser of the Disability Research Forum

Professor Nick Hodge – Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam University and Lead for the Equality, Diversity and Social Justice Research Group


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