New project looking for contributions

Dr Amy Kavanagh (@BlondeHistorian) is launching a new project all about disabled women & non-binary people’s experiences of non-consensual touching and intrusive behaviours. The message below is from Amy inviting you to participate.

I’ve collaborated with Dr Hannah Mason-Bish (an academic from the University of Sussex who has researched street harassment to create a research project inspired by my own campaign and also the movement.

Using a blog, we’re inviting disabled women & non-binary people to contribute their stories about unwanted help, non-consensual touching, intrusive behaviours and harassment in public. All the stories are anonymised and will be used to support the development of more research into the issue, including some interviews with willing contributors. I understand this is a difficult subject for many, and recognise it can bring up distressing experiences. However, we think it’s essential that disabled women & non-binary people aren’t forgotten from the discussion about street harassment and we hope this research will have an impact, and demonstrate problematic many of the intrusive behaviours are.

I would really appreciate it if you felt able to contribute your own experiences, and tweet about the project, you can use the tweet below or do your own if you feel comfortable doing so. You can read all about the project including an information sheet here Thank you, Amy

Suggested Tweet:

Private places, public spaces is a new research project which invites disabled women & non-binary people to record their experiences of unwanted touching & public harassment. Please share your story & read more about the project here

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