A few things to know about the Disability Reading Group and the Disability Research Forum

Thank-you for showing interest in attending one of our groups. Just a few things to note about the DRG and DRF. We are really keen to make the groups as accessible as possible so outlined below are a few of the things that we offer and a few things that we hope you can help us with as well. If there is anything that we don’t cover, please get in touch and we are happy to see if there is anything we can do to address this in the future (

There are a few things that we ask our speakers to do for us in terms of making their presentations or sessions as accessible as possible. We don’t want to provide a huge list of compulsory requirements and put people off so bear in mind all of the things listed below may not appear in all sessions but we hope that as many as possible will. If there is something below that would benefit you please let me know on the above email address and I will try to make this happen.

  • Wheelchair accessible rooms
  • Accessible toilets including a changing places room
  • Blue badge parking (please contact at least 48hours before so I can try to get a pass issued)
  • Accessible summary of the session
  • Hard copies of the slides
  • Hard copies (including at least one in large font) of the paper (these must be handed back in at the end)
  • Meet and greet service (please contact to request)
  • BSL communications support (please contact to request)
  • No clapping rule – we ask that if you would like to express your appreciation to the speaker, we ask that you either rub your hands together or do the BSL clapping sign.
  • Introductions will be made at the start of the reading group and the research forum, all we ask is your name, your preferred pro-noun (he, she, they etc) and a random or fun fact about yourself (please only share what you feel comfortable with).