Accessible Presenting

If you are presenting at a DRF seminar or event, please take the following suggestions into account.

Visual Aids

For PowerPoint presentations:

  1. use no less than 20 point font Arial or Helvetica in capitalized lower case
  2. use left justification only
  3. ensure headings are not underlined
  4. ensure lists are numbered (bullet points are avoided)
  5. aim for around 20-25 words per slide
  6. ensure text does not overlay pictures or a patterned background
  7. use black text
  8. if the background has 10% grey scale this can reduce glare and offer a contrast with the black text
  9. provide a verbal narration of your slide
  10. using pictures is very helpful
  11. where pictures are used, it is also important to provide a complete verbal description

Written Materials

For accompanying handouts (including copies of PowerPoint), in addition to the above, it is helpful if:

  1. material is produced at a minimum of 14 point Arial or Helvetica
  2. layout is clear, with space to make notes
  3. copies are available on the day
  4. a range of alternative formats is available if requested in advance

[These are adapted from: Mallett, R., Runswick-Cole, K. and Collingbourne, T. (2007) ‘Guide for accessible research dissemination:  Presenting research to everyone’ Disability and Society 22:2, pp.205-207.  We recognise that they are not an exhaustive list and will not cover all access requirements.]