DRF Events 2017-2018

In case you are interested in contributing to one of our future sessions, please contact Stephanie Swain: srhannam@my.shu.ac.uk

1. Thursday, 28 September 2017

Time and location to be announced.

Our first speaker will be Erin Pritchard from Liverpool Hope University

“He’s Adorable”: Representations of Dwarfs in Family Guy

This paper examines how dwarfs* are represented in the American animated sitcom Family Guy. Whilst the show has been criticised for its controversial humour, this paper argues that the show actually exposes negative social attitudes that dwarfs encounter from other members of the public, whilst refraining from encouraging stereotypes of dwarfs. This paper shows how Family Guy presents dwarfs as ordinary members of society, whilst still being humorous. In this paper it is suggested that Family Guy has the potential to challenge social attitudes towards dwarfs, and the way they are perceived in society, through directing the humour towards those who mock them as opposed to the dwarfs themselves.

Keywords: dwarfs, humour, Family Guy, social attitudes.

* Terms used to refer to people with dwarfism differ from person to person. The term dwarf was chosen as it describes a person who is of short stature (<125cm) and has a medical condition.

Our second speaker will be Antonios Ktenidis from the University of Sheffield – abstract to be announced

2. Thursday, 2 November 2017

Our first speaker will be Katharine Terrell who is a PhD student at Sheffield Hallam University. Abstract to be announced.

Our next speaker will be Stephen Connolly who is a PhD student at Sheffield Hallam University.

Not ‘research on’, not ‘research with’ but research by emanci-participatory approach to autism research.