DRF Seminars

There were a number of initial meetings of the DRF from January 2005 onwards, but the first meeting proper took place on a rainy Monday morning in May 2005.

Date: Monday 23rd May 2005 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Janet Lees (University of Sheffield): Writing-up Focus Group Material
  • Caroline Palmer (University of Sheffield): Disability Issues in International Non-Governmental Organizations and Development
  • Laura Canty and Joseph Langley (University of Sheffield): ‘Inclusive Design’ of Packaging

 Date: Thursday 23rd June 2005 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Tsitsi Chataika (University of Sheffield):  Inclusion of Disabled Students in Higher Educational Institutions in Zimbabwe
  • Katherine Runswick-Cole (University of Sheffield): The ‘Warnock’ Debate
  • Roundtable discussion led by Diane Wright (Sheffield Hallam University): Terminology matters…?

 Date: Wednesday 20th July 2005 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Alice Mathers (University of Sheffield): Summary of research and a chance to ask questions/offer feedback on the ‘Exhibition
  • Paul Doyle (University of Sheffield): summary of research: setting up an advocacy group in a school for children with disabilities
  • The Social Model: Friend, Foe or Frienemy? Article Discussion on Barnes (2003) ‘Disability Studies: What’s the Point?’