DRF Seminars

Date: Wednesday 25th October 2006 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Discussion: Documenting Disability: how does the ‘documentary’ format offer opportunities and challenges for the representation of disabled people/disability?

 Date: Wednesday 22nd November 2006 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Nicholas Cimini (University of Sheffield): Disability, Genetic Politics and Reproductive Technologies: Representations of the Past, Present and Future
  • Workshop Follow-up Discussion: Into the Media

 Date: Wednesday 6th December 2006 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Bev Bennett (University of Sheffield) ~ Including people with aphasia in stroke research
  • Tsitsi Chataika (University of Sheffield) ~ Part One: ‘Excellence Exchange Scheme’: Reflections on a Recent Academic Visit to Pennsylvania State University ~ Part Two: The Social Ecosystem Framework and the Inclusion of Disabled Students in Higher Education

 Date: Wednesday 14th March 2007 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Nigel Cox (Sheffield Hallam University): A researcher’s reflection on disability, researcher identity and gaining access to the field of enquiry”
  • Kristín Björnsdóttir (University of Iceland): Disablism in Disability Sports

 Date: Wednesday 11th April 2007 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Manny Madriaga (Sheffield Hallam University): Experiences and identities of UK university students with Asperger Syndrome
  • Caroline Palmer (University of Sheffield): Mainstreaming and Value Added: Why Oxfam strategically lost its disability programmes

 Date: Wednesday 4th May 2007 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Diane Roberts (Keele University): Ways of Being Me: Reflections on a Working Lifecourse
  • Irene Rose (University of Manchester): Researching Autobiography: Spectacularised Individuality or Community Voice?

Skills Training Workshops

For the 2006-2007 academic year the DRF (then based at the University of Sheffield) received funding from the Skills Training Development Grant (STDG) to deliver a series of workshops in disability research.  Details of these are below.

 Date: 1st November 2006 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Into the Media: A Training Day for Multi-Disciplinary Disability Researchers – with Peter White (BBC’s Disability Affairs Correspondent) focusing on how to get your disability research into the media and how to avoid misrepresentation.

 Date: 9th May 2007 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Disability and Ethics: A Seminar Day – Keynote speaker Dr Jackie Leach Scully

 Date: 18th April 2007 – Venue: University of Sheffield

  • Seminar: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Keynote speaker Kate McCleery (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)