DRF Seminars

Date: Wednesday 15th October 2008 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Alice Mathers (University of Sheffield): Public Transport Project ‘Excuse me I want to get on!’
  • Katherine Runswick-Cole (Manchester Metropolitan University): Messy methodology? Exploring disabled childhoods

Date: Wednesday 12th November 2008 ~ Cultural Disability Studies Special – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Irene Rose (University of Manchester): Disability Studies in the Cultural Studies Classroom: From Stereotype to Silent Signification
  • Rebecca Mallett (Sheffield Hallam University): Theorising Comedic Immunity: Or, What Do You Get When You Cross Contemporary Comedy with Disability?

Date: Tuesday 9th December 2008 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • John Quinn (University of Sheffield): New Labour Government and the Disability Social Movement
  • Luke Beardon (Sheffield Hallam University): Asperger Syndrome and Perceived Offending Conduct: A Qualitative Study

 Date: Tuesday 20th January 2009 – Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Lucy Burke (Manchester Metropolitan University): Novels and the problem of life itself: The role of literary discourse in contemporary bioethical debate
  • Shaun Grech (Manchester Metropolitan University): Disability in the majority world: Critical reflections on poverty, development and the Western-centric disability studies

 Date: Wednesday 25th February 2009 ~ Disabled Student Special – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Manny Madriaga (Sheffield Hallam University): Barriers for all?: Disabled and nondisabled student learning and assessment experiences at one UK University
  • Harriet Cameron (University of Sheffield): An exploration of attitudes to dyslexic students and approaches to dyslexia support among teaching staff within one faculty at one university in England

 Date: Tuesday 24th March 2009 – Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Nigel Cox (Manchester Metropolitan University): Purity, Danger and Disability: a reading of Mary Douglas as applied to a contemporary ethnographic study in the workplace
  • Jan Owens (University of Sheffield): The Experiences of Parents of Children with Cleft Lip and/or Palate

 Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2009 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Bridget Leadbeater (University of Derby): A quest to find an inclusive methodology
  • Tabby Collingbourne (University of Sheffield): In small places, close to home

 Date: Wednesday 20th May 2009 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Stephen Lee Hodgkins (Project Director, Disability LIB): The Discursive Construction and Invalidation of Disability and Disabled People
  • Rebecca Mallett and Manny Madriaga (Sheffield Hallam University): Negotiating ‘Normal’: Exploring the Imbrications of US National Identity and ‘Ability’ in The West Wing

 Date: Thursday 25th June 2009 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Louisa Morgan (Sheffield Hallam University): The impact for disabled children of the constitution of school break times
  • Sue Chantler (Sheffield Hallam University): Introducing current EdD research into children with the label of autism who are educated in primary schools