DRF Seminars

Date: Tuesday 3rd November 2009 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Mat Partner ~ Learning disability and sexuality

Date: Monday 7th December 2009 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Graham Grace-Gardener (Sheffield Hallam University) ~ Is universal educational inclusion desirable and/or possible?
  • Roundtable Discussion led by Sarah Lewthwaite (University of Nottingham): Defining Disability: Using Taxonomies and Facets to understand what categories and definitions do

 Date: Thursday 11th February 2010 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Janet Jones (University of Derby) ~ Issues in Leprosy and Social Isolation – A Case Study from Nepal
  • Alice Mathers (University of Sheffield) ~ Beyond participation: The practical application of an empowerment process to bring about environmental and social change”

 Date: Wednesday 3rd March 2010 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Manny Madriaga (Sheffield Hallam University) ~ Marking out the invisible in the visible: Social processes of normalcy in higher education
  • Discussion Space: Disability Studies in HE: Discrete discipline, interesting topic area or something in-between?

 Date: Thursday 15th April 2010 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Heather Brown (University of Aberdeen) ~ The good, the bad, and the ugly: What an economic perspective brings to the obesity literature
  • Heather Hollins (University of Leicester) ~ Wading Through Data – How to See the Light? Approaches to Data Analysis

 Date: Monday 10th May 2010 ~ Fifth Anniversary Meeting!  – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Chris Whittaker (Manchester Metropolitan University) ~ Cross-paradigm methodologies in the deconstruction of severe autism
  • Andrea Hollomotz (Manchester Metropolitan University) ~ Disability and the continuum of violence

 Date: Thursday 24th June 2010 – Venue: Sheffield Hallam University

  • Anita Ghai (University of Delhi) ~ Prenatal Diagnosis: Where do we draw the line?