DRF Seminars

 1.                  11th October 2011 (Tues) 1pm-3pm

Slot 1: Jayne Sellick (Department of Geography, University of Durham): The temporality of disabled identities: Examples from participatory work

Slot 2: Nick Hodge (Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion, Sheffield Hallam University): Misreading Arthur: Ableism at work in psychoanalysis and counselling

2.                 16th November 2011 (Weds) 2pm-4pm

Slot 3: Manny Madriaga (Sheffield Hallam University): Is seeking the disabled person voice really necessary in empancipatory research?

Slot 4: Erin Pritchard (Department of Geography, University of Newcastle): Space and time strategies of dwarfs in public space: Body size and rights of access to the built environment

3.                 6th December 2011 (Tues) 12pm-2pm

Slot 5: Harriet Cooper (Birkbeck College, University of London): Othering and Ordinariness in Representations of the Physically Impaired Child in Anglo-American Culture in the period 1870-1911

Slot 6: Jenny Slater (Department of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University): Time travelling with young disabled people: developing a queer, crip, critically young, futurist methodology

4.                 8th February 2012 (Weds) 1pm-3pm

Slot 7: China Mills (Education and Social Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University): Globalising Disorder; Crossing Borders through Disorders

Slot 8: John Quinn (Department of Politics, University of Sheffield): New Labour and Disability Politics

5.                 15th March 2012 (Thurs) 1.30pm-3.00pm

Slot 9: Sarah Thompson (Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion, Sheffield Hallam University): Disability Focused Reflections on Attending a Fulbright Summer Institute ‘Education in the 21st Century’

Slot 10: Roundtable Discussion: Disability Research: Current Issues

6.                 18th April 2012 (Weds) 1pm-3pm

Slot 11: Will Southwell-Wright (Department of Archaeology, University of Durham): Past Perspectives: What can Archaeology offer to Disability Studies?

Slot 12: Tom Campbell (School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds): Bio-politics, resistance and the social model of disability

7.                 3rd May 2012 (Thurs) 2pm-4pm

Slot 13: Steven Graby (Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds): Autism and/as “disabled” identity

Slot 14: Louis Nisiotis (Sheffield Hallam University): A Cyber Campus to Support Inclusive Education

8.                 25th May 2012 (Fri) 1.00pm – 2.30pm

Slot: 15: Embla Ágústsdóttir (chairwoman of the independent living cooperative in Iceland (NPA miðstöðin) and Freyja Haraldsdóttir (directress, of the independent living cooperative in Iceland (NPA miðstöðin):Everything about us withoutus: the struggle of disability activists for Independent Living in Iceland