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Recommended Reads for September

So far, September has been a good month for publications from DRF members. Rebecca Mallett‘s long-awaited piece on disability in British comedy (entitled ‘Claiming Comedic Immunity: Or, What Do You Get When You Cross Contemporary British Comedy with Disability?’) is now out in Review of Disability Studies and Anne McGuire‘s ‘Disability, non-disability and the politics of mourning: Rethinking the ‘we’has just been published by Disability Studies Quarterly.  That particular issue of DSQ is jam-packed with Anne’s University of Toronto colleagues, including another DRF member. Tanya Titchkosky‘s ‘The Not-Yet-Time of Disability in the Bureaucratization of University Life’ will be well worth a read for anyone who has struggled with the joys(!) of ‘disability’ within a university context.