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Introducing the Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL) – A International Portal for Disability-Related Resources

[Thanks to Nancy Hansen for pointing out this useful portal.]

The Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL) seeks to build a bridge between global information sources and millions of people with disabilities, advocates, and policymakers around the world by making it easier for them to access hundreds of thousands of educational and organizational resources on disability rights.

The GDRL team is proud to present these five new prototype portals:

1.     The Global Disability Rights Library

2.     Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) & Disability-Oriented Organizations

3.     Disability Related Blogs and Narratives

4.     General Human Rights Information

5.     Basic Disabilities Information

The layout takes a little getting used to but the multi-search functions (such as by category and by format) make this a potentially indispensible resource.  Have a play around…

(Please note: these are prototype portals so we are asked to explore and give feedback – if you wish to do so please contact the librarians by emailing librarian@gdrl.org)