Introducing… Grahame Whitfield

From the very beginning, the DRF blog has include a space for brief biographical and contact details to be listed. The People section is open to everyone and anyone interested in disability research.

Our most recent addition is:

Grahame Whitfield: gwhitfield1@sheffield.ac.uk – PhD Student, School of Health and Associated Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield, UK.  After several years working in the UK Civil Service on disability policy and research, Grahame is now a PhD student.  His Project, funded by the NIHR School of Public Health Research, will focus on developing an understanding of how personalisation in health and social care for older disabled people – in particular of moves to deliver Choice and Control in practice – are being responded to by professionals and people and how these can be improved to improve health and social outcomes. Click here for profile.

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